Ranch Relay (Skijoring Cancelled)

Montana Winter Fair
January 18 - 27, 2019


Ranch Relay (Skijoring cancelled)
Saturday, January 26, 2019
Livestock Pavilion
Fergus County Fairgrounds, Hwy 191 North

Ranch Relay in Place of Skijoring
Sadly, at least for the Montana Winter Fair Skijoring Committee, there has not been enough snow to hold the competition at the 2019 fair. We are excited about the alternative event we have planned- Ranch Relay!

Jennifer Saunders, 406-366-1677
Terrena Fogle

11:00am - Noon: Team Registration- Pavilion Office
Teams will consist of four people and one horse

1:00pm: Races begin

Adult/Teen (14 through adult) - $25 per team
Youth (13 and younger) - $15 per team
Mixed (Mixed Ages) - $20 per team

Jackpot for each age division
Montana Winter Fair will retain $5 per team to help cover facility, heat and supply costs.
1st place - 50%
2nd place - 30 %
3rd place - 20 %

Ranch Relay Challenges
Two teams run at the same time.
Time begins for both teams when the flag drops.

#1-Saddle Up
Team member #1 will have a saddle and saddle blanket at one end of the arena a second team member #2 will have a bridled horse at the other end of the arena. At GO they will both run to the middle of the arena, one carrying the blanket and saddle, the other leading the horse. They will saddle the horse and team member #2 will mount the horse and run back to the starting line- tagging team member #3.

#2- Fence Crawler
Team member #3 on foot will run and crawl over three sets of panels tagging team member #4 at the end who will run back and tag team member #1.

#3- Otto’s Sack Race
Team member #1 is holding a rope, they will run the rope to #2 who is mounted and give them the rope. Team member #2 will lope to the other end of the arena, staying outside of a marked circle they will rope a stuffed sack and drag it back to to team member #1 who pulls the rope off the bag and runs to team member #4 to tag.

#4- Driving Blind
Team member #4 jumps in a wheel barrow, which team member #3 (who is blind folded) will be in position to push through a pole bending pattern with direction from team member #4. Team member #4 after crossing the line will jump out and tag team member #2 who is holding their horse.

#5- Rescue Race
Team member #2 will mount their horse and then run down to team member #1 who is standing on a barrel. Team member #1 will jump on the horse behind the rider and they will race back across the line. Team member #1 will jump off and tag team member #3.

#6- Feed Sack Pack
Team Member #3 will run carrying a sack of feed to the other end and pass the sack to team member #4 who will run it back and tag team member #2 who is mounted.

# 7 – Gathering Eggs
Team member #2 will run to the tunnel, dismount and hand their horse to team member #1, crawl in the tunnel, find the egg, come out the other end of the tunnel and hand the egg to #1 who will run the egg across the line tagging team member #3.

#8- Chicken Wrangling
Team Members #3 will open the gate to the chicken pen for #4 who will catch a chicken, #3 will open the gate and #4 will run across the line with the chicken. Time ends for the team when #4 crosses the line with the chicken.