Department 12

Saturday, January 27, 2018
Registration 9:00 - 10:30am
Sorting Begins at 11:00am

Livestock Pavilion
Fergus County Fairgrounds 
Hwy 191 North

Brad Fogle
(406) 350-0299

Please complete General Registration Form, Section 1 & 3, and bring with you.
Download Registration Form
Download Stall Registration

**Participants may pre-register by calling Brad, but must check in with the completed registration forms and fees, by 10:30 am to be included in the draw & to participate.

Draw posted for both Open and Youth at 11:00 AM and sorting will start.

Fees & Prizes:

All Draw Open

  • $75 plus a $10 cattle fee= $85 per contestant. Each contestant gets five, 60 second rides.
  • Five partners will be drawn from a bucket for each contestant. You may only ride with each partner one time.
  • Participants must be 15 and older on the day of the event.
  • If one of your partners leaves, without notifying an official of an emergency or injury, you may either scratch or run alone. If an official was notified and approved the reason for leaving, you will have a new partner drawn for that run. The new partners score will not count toward their total.
  • Spotting and coaching is encouraged
  • No abuse of cattle or horses will be allowed
  • 65% payout to top 5 individuals with the most cattle sorted in the least amount of time.


  • $30 per youth per entry plus a one-time $10 stock fee
  • Participants must be 14 and under on the day of the event
  • Each contestant gets five 75-second rides. Must ride with a different gate person each time. Can pre-pick your own gate people or volunteers will be drawn for you.
  • Must be with a different partner for each team entered
  • Adult may work gate only defensively- no charge for adult rider
  • 75-second time limit
  • Youth will be run in conjunction with the Open in the opposite arena
  • 80% payout to top 5 youth, based on the most cattle sorted in the least amount of time.  


  1. All riders must have a completed and signed Section 1 (General Entry) and Section 3 (Horse Waiver) of the Montana Winter Fair Entry Form.
  2. Each team member is responsible for reading and understanding the rules and procedures.
  3. Team Sorting Committee reserves the right to refuse or revoke entry for any participant or team they feel is not conducting themselves in a fair, courteous manner. No alcohol will be served or consumed during the event.
  4. Judges discretion will be used and all decisions are final. – Any dispute must be settled before the rider leaves the arena.

Event Procedures:

  1. A herd of 10 numbered cattle are brought in to the arena.
  2. A two person team enters.
  3. Starting number for each team will be announced when the first rider’s horse’s nose passes through the sort/foul line/gate.
  4. After this, the cattle must be brought through the gate in numerical order.
  5. There is a one minute time limit for open, 90 seconds for youth.
  6. Abuse of cattle or horses will be cause for disqualification for the run without refund of entry fees.
  7. Use of foul language while participating in a sorting event will be cause for ejection from the event without refund of entry fees.
  8. If one cow has a number that is faulty or missing, that cow can be used provided that the faulty cow is identified by the announcer over the PA system. If more than one cow has a number that is faulty or missing, then the faulty cows will be replaced.
  9. Cattle will be settled after each run to the satisfaction of the judge.
  10. Once committed to the cattle by crossing the foul line, the team is responsible for the cattle. It is the responsibility of the team, before working the cattle, to pull up and call for an arena director, if, in their opinion, there is an injured or unusable animal in the herd. Once the
    cattle are worked, no excuses are accepted.
  11. You are to start with the number announced and continue in numerical order. For example, your number is 6, you must first sort out number 6, then 7, 8, 9, 0,1, etc. Cattle are considered “sorted” when the entire body crosses the foul line. If any part of the cattle’s body crosses the foul line out of sequence, the team shall be judged “no time’. If any part of the cattle’s body already sorted come back across the foul line, the team shall be judged “NO TIME”.
  12. You will continue to sort until all cattle are sorted or until you are out of time.
  13. You shall stop sorting if judged a “no time’.
  14. Teams are judged on the number of cattle sorted and on the time it took to sort them.
  15. If all the cattle are sorted, then time will become the determining factor. The clock will be stopped when the last cow crosses the foul line.
  16. Hazing of cattle with hats, romal, or ropes will be cause for disqualification with no refund of entry fees. Slapping hand to leg or romal to leg is permitted.
  17. Appeals of decisions of flagger, if allowed, must be made before leaving the arena.
  18. A “down cow’ shall be defined as any animal that goes down behind the line, leaves or partially leaves the arena, or whose legs or body becomes entangled in the arena structure.  In the case of a “down cow”, any team member can stop the clock by raising their hand. In the case of a down cow, the options include but are not limited to:
    1. If the cow is usable, allow the team to continue with the time remaining on the clock.
    2. Remove the faulty cow, replace with another cow, resettle the herd, and continue with the time remaining on the clock.
    3. Remove the faulty cow, resettle the herd, and start with the full time on the clock, 
    4. Disqualify the team for unnecessary roughness.
  19. *The option used will be decided by the judge. Judges decision is final.
  20. “Running down” of escaped cattle will be cause for disqualification. “Running down of escaped cattle” shall be defined as the chasing of an animal down the arena at high speed.
  21. Participation order will be drawn; participants need to be ready to participate at all times.
  22. All posted changes at time of event take priority.